Leisuredome is a brand-new state of the art indoor Family Entertainment Centre located in Ashbourne, Co. Meath


Leisuredome uses an in-house card system because it’s convenient and it’s cleaner. We’re excited for you to pick up our rechargeable card, so you can get tapping and playing! We accept all major credit cards at Leisuredome. 

Once you top up your Recharge Card, just tap to play all of the games and activities – and even use it to pay in our restaurant. Top up as little or as much as you want, your balance will always be there.

You can bring cash or card

If you would like to use cash we have Top Up Stations where you can purchase a recharge card with cash. You can use your recharge card anywhere in the building. Everywhere else is cashless in the building.

Redeem prizes and vouchers

Build up credits on your Leisuredome Recharge Card, and use them to get prizes, goodies, passes, and vouchers!

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We respect your privacy. We promise to never give your details to anyone.

Why choose a recharge card?

Load a recharge card using cash at our Top Up Stations or credit cards at any till point and enjoy secure transactions throughout the building.