How our Cashless System Works

We do things a bit differently here!

Let’s face it – Cash is gone.

When you first come to Leisuredome we will offer you a choice of either a Recharge Card or a Virtual Card on our App to use at our facilities. This will be your personal account with Leisuredome. You can charge your card with as little or as much credit as you like, top up your balance remotely, receive special offers and so much more!

Tap to Play

Whether you’ve chosen to go with the Physical Recharge Card or the Virtual Card through the App you’ll be able to tap to play each of the games and activities, and even use your card in our restaurant within Leisuredome.

Not only this, you can redeem points with certain games you play which will all add up to give you the chance to win some pretty amazing prizes!


Recharge CARD

Recharge Cards are available for free in Leisuredome

You can top up your Recharge Card remotely through the App or in the premises using the ATM Kiosks or by asking our friendly staff.

If you register the Recharge Card through the app you can check your balance, top up remotely and monitor spending.


leisuredome app

Virtual Cards are available through our very cool App. (Hyperlink)

The app is available to be downloaded on both Android and IOS.

Enjoy special privileges and offers.

You can have up to 5 Virtual Cards on your account which can be monitored and topped up remotely.